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Using CUL with Fhem on FreeBSD

Filed under: Hardware — Jannis at 3:49 pm on Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recently I got my self a CUL from busware.de to control FS20 devices with the Fhem server from Rudolf König. While I had not trubbles flashing the CUL with culfw on Ubuntu, I ran into trubbles using the device with the Fhem server running FreeBSD.

Running dmesg and looking at /var/log/messages on FreeBSD we find out that the CUL is recognized as Unknown USB device and registered as ugen2.2. (Using ugen2.2 in Fhem doesn’t work for me.) A solution is to manually load the umodem module (kldload /boot/kernel/umodem.ko), unplug the CUL and plug it back in. The device is than available as /dev/cuaU0 and can be used in Fhem.

Automatically loading the module on startup can be achieved by adding umodem_load=”YES” to your /boot/loader.conf file.



Zitat des Tages

Filed under: Zitate — Jannis at 2:09 pm on Friday, July 29, 2011

“God helps those who help themselves”